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Biomass is driving forest plantations!

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November 17, 2009
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Forestry Investment Blog
John Barnes
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As this blog has been sponsored by Greenwood Management, I wanted to have a direct discussion with the management team  at Greenwood in order to get a feel as to how they saw the forestry industry at present, and what direction Greenwood Management saw forestry trends moving towards generally.

Also I wanted to get an overview of what they considered to be the best forestry investment opportunities within the industry, from the Greenwood Management perspective obviously, and how they viewed  the coming decade for forestry investors generally.

I have to say, I got the distinct feeling from our discussions that it was the wood energy and biomass markets that were the main focus in Greenwood Management’s planning for their future forestry plantations investments. The eucalyptus plantation investments have been well received by their investors and the end use market visibility in Brazil appears to extend as far as the eye can see. The drivers for demand here are abundantly clear to Greenwood Management and a significant programme of expansion is well underway.  A eucalyptus species,  specifically grown to produce higher growth rates by the Greenwood Management agroforestry research team in Brazil is expected to be a key product for the future.

What was also news to me was the Australian Oil Mallee project currently in Greenwood Managements research pipeline. I wasn’t able to draw much from Greenwood Management on this but they certainly appeared to be quite enthused by the product, with a promise of more tangible information as soon as they are able to pass it on.

From now on, I hope to keep in touch with Greenwood Management on a more regular basis with more meetings and updates.

So watch this space!


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