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Copenhagen, Denmark, June 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Greenwood Management ApS, a Denmark-based sustainable forestry investment firm, has revealed that it is in the final stages of its project to grow Balsam and Fraser Fir trees in New Brunswick, Canada.

The firm has “aligned activities in order to support the current local established agroforestry markets in specific areas” and is heralding the final stages of the project as a ‘milestone’ in its business.

This project was originally chosen as a means to focus on the potentially lucrative Christmas tree farming industry and investors will reap the rewards of Greenwood Management’s clear strategic and phased approach to developing the plantation, which will be based in the Woodstock region of New Brunswick's York county.

A spokesperson for Greenwood explained that the project will account for a significant percentage of Christmas tree sales from the region, which is focusing its efforts on aforestation projects, welcoming foreign investors. He stated, “Greenwood's New Brunswick project has been designed to take advantage of the buoyant Christmas tree farming industry. At the start or the project is was confirmed that Greenwood Management's activities in the area, assuming the effective establishment of a full time tree farm in York county, would contribute to approximately 2 per cent of the province's annual sales.”

After the initial planting stage in 2009, the seedlings were successfully transferred from the nursery to the plantation last year. The management team now deem that trees to be hardy and less likely to need replanting at any stage. Greenwood's investors can expect quarterly progress reports to enable them keep track of how the seedlings planted in New Brunswick are progressing. These reports will be delivered from the first quarter of 2012.

The Woodstock site was chosen not only for its ideal location in terms of Christmas tree sales, it was also deemed to be ideal for conversion into quality agricultural land.

The number of Christmas trees exported from Canada in 12009 totaled 1.7 million, with the value of farm cash receipts for trees totaling $59.4 million.

According to the 2006 Census of Agriculture, Christmas tree farms in provinces other than New Brunswick are significantly smaller than the 107-acres that make up the Greenwood Management plot.


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