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The Delegation of the holding company «Altayles» to participate in «WoodMac China 2011»

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02 March 2011
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The Delegation of the holding company «Altayles», consisting of representatives of wood-processing enterprises and house-building factory went on a business trip to the international exhibition of woodworking equipment and materials «WoodMac China 2011» in Shanghai. This exhibition is the largest specialized area in the East. In the Shanghai exhibition, taking place March 1-4, will participate manufacturers of woodworking equipment and materials from 17 countries, including Canada, Finland, Germany and Italy. On the international platform Altaic foresters will examine the state-of-the-art woodworking equipment, conduct negotiations with foreign partners for further mutual cooperation. Altayles representatives are highly interested in  firewood splitting machines, introduction of which can significantly reduce the costs of wood fuel for population, and equipment enables the production of wood-polymer composite (WPC). The specialists are evaluating the possibility of the opening of WPC complex or so-called "liquid wood" - a formulation containing the polymer (chemical or natural origin) and wood filler, modified, usually by chemical additives. Production of this material is one of the most promising in the management of waste lumber, furniture and woodworking industries, the use of low-grade wood and plant cellulose wastes as well as secondary plastics processing in high-quality fittings for a wide range of applications, including construction and furnishings.

Reference: "Forest Holding Company Altayles is one of the largest companies in the Russian forest industry, dedicated to timber cutting and processing. Currently holding includes 29 forest enterprises of the Altai Territory, which form a single powerful timber industry complex of the region. According to the strategy the company intends to invest in the regional forest industry more than 5 billion rubles up to 2020.


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