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The Finnish experience to enhance the development of Karelian biofuel technologies

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01 March 2011
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The development of biofuel technologies in the near-border areas was closely discussed at the meeting between the representatives of the Finnish technological cluster located at Joensuu and the local authorities, entrepreneurs interested at the creation of the combined heat and power plants (TEC) using biofuel and timber industry residues. The systems of local heating are of high importance now taking into account the fact that the city is fast and widely growing with the construction of cottages and small individual houses and the emergence of cost-effective mini boiler plants will become a solid alternative to more powerful companies that supply the heat to consumers at a significantly higher rate. The local authorities and entrepreneurs with the support of their Finnish collegues are going to adopt the rich experience of Scandinavian countries in development of effective heat and power generating.

The parties have reached a decision to elaborate an international project in the development of small combined heat and power stations, the enhancement of educational programs for specialists and the research works aimed at the close examination of all issues related to the construction of the most-up-to-date combined heat and power stations in Kostomuksha.


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