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Foresters alarmed by neglect and deterioration of timber

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April 13, 2011
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Vancouver Sun
Sybille Haeussler
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Bravo to Professors Simard and Lewis for speaking out on declining stewardship of B.C.'s public forests, a trend many foresters have observed with growing alarm over the past decade.

Re: New policies needed to save our forests, Opinion, April 8

The issues are three-fold: First, cumulative effects of industrial activity, insects, diseases, wildfires and invasive species result in declining forest integrity across B.C.

Climate change and growing demand for resources only increase the stress placed on our natural support systems.

Second, deep cuts and government off-loading in forest science, inventory, monitoring and reforestation have greatly reduced B.C.'s capacity to assess the true state of our forests and respond appropriately.

Third, diminished opportunities for public participation mean that citizens are increasingly disconnected from what is happening on the land.

The result is a downward spiral of deterioration and neglect of our oncemagnificent forests.

In my community, the Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board, which has voluntarily overseen forest land planning since 1991, no longer receives operational and monitoring support from government while a raging beetle outbreak and salvage logging place forest values at heightened risk.

British Columbians deserve better and must speak up now.

Sybille Haeussler



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