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GEF Council to adopt revised Environmental and Social Safeguards in November

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10 October, 2011
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The Global Environment Facility (GEF) secretariat will propose to the next GEF Council meeting a revised set of Environmental and Social Safeguard Standards and accountability mechanisms that will accompany such standards.

With the GEF’s increasing engagement in REDD+ related activities and a long history of involvement in protected area establishment and management, these standards will be essential to ensuring that the expansion of GEF delivery partners does not result in a lowering of standards in GEF-financed projects. 

The GEF Secretariat released their earlier proposed draft for civil society consultation (see related documentation provided here.) Substantial concerns remain with the draft in relation to key areas of indigenous peoples’ rights (the safeguards allow forced relocation, for example). Other concerns are connected with complaints and compliance mechanisms. It is expected that a final agreement on safeguards by the Council will be reached during the up-coming 41st GEF Council Meeting, November 8-10 2011.  Any concerns over the proposed draft should be communicated to Council members ahead of the November meeting.

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