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Public consultation launched for draft ‘Guidelines for the use of REDD+ SES at country level Version 2′

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Apr 10, 2012
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REDD Standards
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REDD+ Social & Environmental Standards launched its public consultation on draft ‘Guidelines for the use of REDD+ SES at country level Version 2′ from 5th April until 4th June 2012.

Drawing on emerging experience from countries using REDD+ SES, the existing ‘Guidelines on the Interpretation and Application of the REDD+ Social & Environmental Standards at Country Level’ have been reviewed to facilitate and strengthen the use of the REDD+ SES at country level (includes use of REDD+ SES in jurisdictions at national, state, provincial or other levels).

This draft document provides guidelines on the steps needed to use the REDD+ SES at country level for country-led multi-stakeholder assessment of REDD+ program design, implementation and outcomes, the ‘REDD+ SES process’, and accompanies a separate document that defines the principles, criteria and the framework for indicators, the ‘REDD+ SES content’. Together, the REDD+ SES content and process provide a ‘standards system’ which is a mechanism that can be used to show whether and how safeguards are being respected, including how multiple benefits are being delivered.

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