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The Global Forest Industry This Quarter

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February 25, 201
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Timber Community
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Excerpts from the market report Wood Resource Quarterly:

  • The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) declined for the second straight quarter to $87.28/m3 in the 4Q.
  • The Softwood Wood Fiber Price Index fell for the second straight quarter to US$105.30/odmt in the 4Q/11.
  • The Hardwood Wood Fiber Price Index fell 3.6 percent from the 3Q/11 to the 4Q/11, when it averaged US$113.69/odmt.
  • Prices for hardwood pulp (BHKP) fell more than those for softwood pulp (NBSK) last fall, but they seemed to reach a bottom in early January
  • Softwood lumber production and trade were down in many of the major markets worldwide during the fall of 2011
  • Softwood lumber imports to Japan are up nine percent so far this year.
  • In China, a tightening monetary policy with a restricted money supply resulted in reduced activities in the construction sector in the second half of 2011
  • Pellet exports from the US South increased significantly in late 2011.


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