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Green toilet paper that is kind to your backside

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Issue date: 
23 Jul 2010
Publisher Name: 
Southern Courier
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Every flush of your loo affects our environment and while low-flush toilets have helped some households save 35000 litres of water a year, it took an Eastern Suburbs man to tackle the toilet-paper dilemma.

Saved A Tree co-founder Damien Scarf, a Vaucluse resident, said global toilet-paper use destroys 27,000 trees every day but his company had found a way to make a loo roll without it costing the earth.

Mr Scarf’s Green Soft toilet tissue uses agricultural residues such as bamboo, straw, reed and cotton. It is a 100 per cent renewably sourced product that boasts Forest Stewardship Council certification.

“This is more than just a trendy statement; it’s kind to the planet and kind to your backside,” he said.

Mr Scarf discovered the technology of using bamboo and other agricultural residues on a trip to China while looking for ways to make suit bags from paper. Green Soft toilet tissue hit the shelves of the 780 Woolworths stores Australia-wide in November last year and is now sold in Franklins stores across NSW. Sales in New Zealand are also expected to start this month.

“Currently our toilet paper is only sold in Australia, but we plan to roll it out to Europe and America,” Mr Scarf said. “And pretty soon we’ll use this patented technology to make other products, including soft tissues, hand towels, even tree-free coffee cups.”

To find out more about Green Soft or how to become a Green Soft partner go to savedatree.com.au.


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