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ITTO Supports Development of Forest Planning Model in Guyana

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March 30, 2012
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March 2012: The Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services in Tropical Forests (REDDES) Programme of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) has provided support to Guyana to develop a high-level decision support model for forestry.

The decision support model was developed under the project "Strengthening Guyana's Capacity to Manage Forest Resources and Environmental Services through Resources Assessment and Monitoring Changes in Deforestation and Degradation." It allows for planning and management of forest resources and monitoring of changes in deforestation and forest degradation. Also part of the project, a report was produced on the potential of a market approach to carbon sequestration and biodiversity related ecosystem services (specifically non-timber products and tourism services) in Guyana, which recommends that this approach be pursued if benefits outweigh the costs. [Publication: Guyana's Forest Resources and Environmental Services] [Publication: Report on Requirements Necessary for Guyana to Access Identified Payments for Ecosystems Services Markets] [Publication: REDDES Monitoring - Guyana's National Forest Estate Model]


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