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REDD+: Belgium promises extra €10 million

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Jiska Verbouw
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A day before the official opening of the high-level segment, a first high-level meeting took place yesterday. Ministers and heads of delegations from 62 countries attended to the meeting to discuss the REDD+ Partnership.

REDD+, or Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, is a process grouping various initiatives that apply the preservation and proper management of forest biodiversity in the fight against climate change. Since 20% of total global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation, forest conservation is an effective method to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

"REDD + is an important link between climate change and biodiversity," says Christophe Van Orshoven, co-pilot to climate change. "It is therefore useful to discuss it here, especially in view of the climate talks in Cancun. We hope that this meeting will have a positive impact on the progress in the climate change negotiations."

During this high-level meeting, Minister Joke Schauvliege promised an additional €10 million on behalf of Belgium for the activities of REDD+. She stressed the importance of REDD+ in the combat against global deforestation, and its potential to bring more synergies between the three Rio Conventions.


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