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October 2, 2009

CJSC LPK Partner-Tomsk is to launch the first production of MDF and HDF boards in the end of December 2010. The plant is to reach project capacity – 264 thousand cubic meters per years - in three next months. The plant is to also put into operation a laminating line as 60% of the production manufactured is to be coated.

Project investment volume amounted to 186 million EUR with loans being provided by Eurasian Development Bank and Nomos-Bank. Main machinery is placed on the area of 35 ha. The dekivery of Dieffenbacher machinery is performed up to 90%. Press and grinding lines are already assembled.

October 1, 2009:

LLC Plant for wood processing and production of structures for timber house construction (LLC Sawmill No1) is being constructed in Kazluk (Komi Republic) – annual capacity making up 120 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber.

Assembling and start-up works are due to start in February 2010. Sawmilling production is to be put into operation in June 2010 with market products manufacture to start in December 2010. Structures for timber house construction from glued logs and panels will be produced starting from 2010-2011 with pellet production to be launched in 2011-2012.

Forest areas exploitation will already start this year in December.The project Construction of a plant for production of structures used in timber construction belongs to White Sea ltd (Cyprus) – investment volume amounting to 502 mln RUR (over 11 mln EUR). Period of recoupment is to make up 5 years.


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