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Sawmill No.1 to be launched in Komi Republic

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10 March 2010
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A Moscow-based group of investors chose Jartek to deliver a sawmill for a Sawmill №1 that is to be constructed in Kazluk (Komi Republic, Russia). There were several international enterprises competing for this project, resulting in a long and tough bargaining process. For Jartek, the most important reasons in clinching the deal included earlier successful performance in Russia, cost-efficient solutions at the first stage and a lucrative prospect to double the production quite easily in future.

At the first stage, the annual output of sawmill is to reach almost 100.000 m3 of sawn timber, with the production to double within 2 years. Furthermore, the customer is planning to invest in further processing and Jartek has already made some plans regarding this project. The concept seems to be highly reasonable; the minor investments enable the completion of basic operations first, i.e. timber handling, production and sales of sawn timber. In future, when everything is working, the capacity will be increased in all sectors.

Initiated at the beginning of last year, the project is proceeding at a brisk pace now. The final green light given in the spring 2009 boosted the project to an incredible speed. The excavation work commenced in June and the site was rather ready for receiving the machinery in October. The installation of the first equipment will start in January and all installation work will be finished in April. Then the plant is ready for sawing.

The schedule of the project is extremely ambitious and the customer has been fortunate to find out very appropriate partners for implementing the project. Up to now everything has run according to schedule and without any delays.  


The project includes:

  • Log sorting with a sufficient capacity even for the second stage.
  • Saw infeeding to be run in one shift at the first stage.
  • Sawing machine Veisto R250 with 1-shift usage at the first stage.
  • There is a space reserved for the upgrading of line.
  • Sideproduct handling, including a screen, debarking machine as well as conveyors for bark, saw dust and chippings.
  • Combi sorting plant which is converted into green sorting at the second stage, followed by a separate dry sorting.
  • 4 drying chamber lines including conveyors, with 4 additional lines at the second stage.
  • Boiler plant with a sufficient capacity also for the second stage.


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