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Soon, you can earn credits for planting trees

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Jul 13, 2012
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Times of India
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MUMBAI: The government, within three months, would decide on a proposal of offering "credits" to residents for planting trees, forest minister Bhaskar Jadhav said on Thursday. Modelled on the carbon credit concept, the social forestry department has proposed to offer incentives, called "tree credits", to individuals, corporates, institutions and industries that grow as well as protect trees on plots owned by them or in their possession.

An increase in green cover will generate more carbon credits and according to the proposal, the government would offer "tree planters" a share of the carbon credits it earns; these credits are proposed to be offered till the tree attains silvicultural maturity and certificates given to the private partners could subsequently be encashed. The social forestry department submitted the proposal on June 21 and the government was considering its approval, Jadhav stated in reply to a query raised by Shiv Sena's Ramdas Kadam and Diwakar Roate in the legislative council.

The proposal is aimed at increasing the state's forest cover, which currently stands at 20.13% of the total area. According to norms, Maharashtra must have a minimum forest cover of 33% of its area. To achieve the target, the government had decided to plant 100 crore trees annually for the next five years and that, "planting of trees on individual lands by private partners" would also be encouraged, Jadhav said. He also said the trees would be planted, taking into consideration the suitability of the soil condition and the local topography.


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