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The wood processing in the Leningrad Region rose by a factor of 1.8

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30 May 2011
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The timber industry complex of the Leningrad Region showed the increase in the product output during the first quarter of 2011. The wood processing and wooden items production rose by a factor of 1.8. The output of the lumber products (290.8 tsnd cu m) increased by 1.9 times, those of wood pellets (8.6 tsnd t) - by 2.8 times, the production of wooden construction units and millwork - by 4 times, those of industrial chips for different production facilities (99.5 tsnd cu m) increased by 3.3%, the fiberboard output - by 25.5%, those of wood particle board - by 25.7%. This data is provided by the Committee of Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad Region.

The increase in pulp-and-paper production, the publishing and printing activity is 27.9%. The paper output (110.6 tsnd t) rose by 1.7%, those of service-utility and sanitary paper rose by 41.4%, those in publishing and printing activity - by 1.6 times.


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