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August 2013

  • Issue date: 
    6 August 2013

    Large trees play key role in tropical forest biomass storage – study

    BOGOR, Indonesia (6 August, 2013) – A large-scale study has found that a handful of big trees store up to half the above-ground biomass in tropical forests, raising implicatio

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    Amazon rainforest seeing slower growth due to animal extinction

    Deforestation has led to the extinction of large mammals across the Amazon rainforest, which is now having a marked impact on the growth rates of new trees, according to scientists.

  • Issue date: 

    Ohne Großtiere wird die Erde karg

    Amazonien sieht nur so aus wie ein Paradies. In Wahrheit ist es eine „grüne Wüste“ mit kargen Böden, aus denen die Biomasse kaum Nährstoffe ziehen kann.

  • Issue date: 
    August 16th, 2013

    Wood pellet exports from North America climb 50%

    Pellet exports from the two primary pellet-producing regions on the North American continent – the US South and British Columbia – showed no signs of slowing in early 2013, with the rate of growth likely to accelerate in the second half of the year.

  • Issue date: 
    16 August 2013

    Yasuni: Ecuador abandons plan to stave off Amazon drilling

  • Issue date: 
    July 07 2013

    NGO accuses Rimba Raya of misleading public with false carbon project information

    A non-governmental organization said a claim that Rimba Raya Conservation had obtained approval from the Indonesian government for its world’s largest carbon project, on 64,000 hectares of areas in Indonesia, was in fact untrue.

  • Issue date: 
    Jul 01, 2013

    Sappi offloads Usutu subsidiary for R1bn

    Paper, pulp and packaging group Sappi will sell its Usutu Forest Products subsidiary to timber products provider Montigny Investments for R1-billion in cash.

  • Issue date: 
    26 June 2013

    IUCN - A Way Forward for REDD+ Benefit Sharing in Uganda

    IUCN’s “Towards Pro-Poor REDD+” project in Uganda has produced a study on REDD+ benefit sharing that provides concrete recommendations

  • Issue date: 
    July 19, 2013

    Biodiversity paradigm questioned after flaws found in logging impact research

    BOGOR, Indonesia (19 July, 2013) — Studies about the impact of logging on biodiversity in tropical regions should be scrutinized, conclusions toned down or even discounted, according to a recent publication in the journal “Conservation Biology that has revealed w

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