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Japanese Institute Evaluates Carbon Balances of Tropical Forests in Southeast Asia

Issue date: 
December 24, 2011

One pine beetle outbreak can affect forest carbon flux for decades

But the precise effect of pine bark beetle plagues on the nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle is highly variable, says a research group led by the University of Idaho, who have used an ecosystem model to simulate outbreaks.

Issue date: 
December 13, 2011

Gabon’s forest alone absorbs 4 times the carbon that France emits

The high-level African leaders who included the Africa Union’s Chairman Hon. Jean Ping, the head of the African Development bank Dr. Donald Kaberuka, Congo-Brazzavile’s minister for sustainable development, Hon.

Issue date: 
November 29, 2011

Carbon Plantations in Mozambique: Livelihoods, Development, and Local Legitimacy

The Norwegian forestry company Green Resources (GR) is one of several commercial actors that have started planting forests in Africa, aiming to reduce global CO2 emissions and join the international emissions trade market.

Issue date: 
24th November 2011

Meru and Nanyuki - building a sustainable future with carbon finance

Recently I travelled to the foothills of Mount Kenya to visit the Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation Project, so I and a client could meet the communities benefitting from carbon finance and project developer TIST and see the project first hand.

Issue date: 
22 November 2011

Researcher selected for groundbreaking forests study

The Minister for Climate Change, Cassy O’Connor today announced CO2 Australia Limited as the successful consultant who will carry out groundbreaking research into the carbon stored in Tasmania’s forests.

Issue date: 
21 November 2011

Beyond repair? Bank lobbies for carbon markets

As UN climate talks loom, the Bank is lobbying G20 countries to resuscitate shrinking carbon markets through controversial measures, including using public climate finance to stimulate demand and creating markets for soil and forest carbon.

Issue date: 
November 1, 2011

China’s Pilot Transaction on Forestry Carbon Sequestration Officially Kicked Off

Approved by the State Forestry Administration (SFA), China’s pilot forestry carbon sequestration transaction officially kicked off on November 1st 2011 in Yiwu City of Zhejiang Province.

Issue date: 
23 November 2011

Old Growth Forests of Northeast China


Issue date: 
November 24, 2011

New study: Climate not as sensitive to carbon dioxide as some fear

Let’s see if an intriguing new paper in Science, released this afternoon, can break through your somnolent Turkey Day afternoon.


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