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10 July 2011

Concern Over Stalled Forest Carbon Project

Nearly a year after an agreement involving the Federal Government and a duo of environmental management firms was finalised, fears are being expressed over the prospects of the accord, which appears to be mired.

Workshop to determine land eligibility for project development under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of UNFCCC and Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS)

The workshop to determine land eligibility for project development under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of UNFCCC and Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS) will be held at the Park Hotel, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India on August 11, 2011.

Issue date: 

A Large and Persistent Carbon Sink in the World’s Forests

Yude Pan, Richard A. Birdsey, Jingyun Fang, Richard Houghton, Pekka E. Kauppi, Werner A. Kurz, Oliver L. Phillips, Anatoly Shvidenko, Simon L. Lewis, Josep G. Canadell, Philippe Ciais, Robert B. Jackson, Stephen Pacala, A.

Issue date: 
14 June 2011

First Growth Commences Carbon Projects in West Papua Indonesia Breaking News www.theindonesiatoday.com

Theindonesiatoday.com - First Growth Funds Limited group reports its joint venture with Greencollar Group (GCS), First Growth Forests (FGFJV), has commenced the world’s first program to develop forestry carbon projects for the whole of a province in West Papua.

Issue date: 
June 15, 2011

Carbon credit pitch sunk

A PROPOSAL to keep Tasmania's native forests standing in exchange for billions in carbon credits has been rejected by the State Government, Liberal Opposition and Forestry Tasmania.

Issue date: 
June 17, 2011

PG&E carbon offsets come from protected forests

California's largest utility promises its customers green salvation through its ClimateSmart program.

Issue date: 
June 21, 2011

Trees for crops 'will not halt warming'

PARIS: Schemes to convert croplands, or marginal lands, to forests will make almost no inroads on global warming this century, a new scientific study says.

Issue date: 
Jun 10, 2011

Philippine forest project gets carbon credits

Issue date: 
Jun. 08, 2011

North America's largest forest carbon project launches, sells $4-million in credits

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is receiving more than $4-million in what it says is the largest forest carbon project to date in North America and the first deal of its kind in Canada.

Issue date: 
May 31, 2011

New global carbon map for 2.5 billion ha of forests

Tropical forests across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia stored 247 gigatons of carbon — more than 30 years' worth of current emissions from fossil fuels use — in the early 2000s, according to a comprehensive assessment of the world's carbon stocks.


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