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B.C. risks becoming a silvicultural slum

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February 21, 2012
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Vancouver Sun
Jim Walker
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Re: B.C.'s resources need support, Column, Feb. 17, Province fails to protect, restore beetle-ravaged area: report, Feb. 17

Both Stephen Hume and Auditor-General John Doyle have pointed out in spades the neglected state of B.C.'s forests.

Without corrective action - and yes, that means money and staff - B.C. stands the risk of rapidly becoming a silvicultural slum.

People, don't be fooled into thinking this will always be the land of big trees, grizzlies and salmon for your children to enjoy.

Our world-class reputation for forest productivity and biodiversity is not a free good.

It requires a level of responsible stewardship that this government abandoned the day they took office and replaced, in the majority of cases, with a return to cut-and-run.

"Streamlining the regulations" and "results-based management" have largely been convenient euphemisms for cutting environmental standards to satisfy the greed of offshore markets and corporate friends.

British Columbia is one of the very, very few places left in the world that still has the option to "do it right," but we desperately need responsible forest management as a properly funded policy priority, rather than just another political sound bite.


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