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Community-Powered Monitoring of REDD+

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18 June 2012
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Forest Carbon Asia
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Emerging forest policies such as REDD+ depend on the involvement of local communities for their success. One important way for communities to be involved is through monitoring, which can provide valuable information for local management as well as for national Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Systems that are currently being built. 

Open source technology such as smartphone ‘apps’ and online mapping tools will play an increasingly important role in enabling communities to gather data on key resources and processes in a cost-effective way. This paper provides a simple introduction to this emerging topic.

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June, 2012. S. Fordham, M. Trivedi, C. Parker, B. Palmer Fry, N. Mardas and M. Leggett. Canopy Viewpoints: Forests and Wellbeing. Global Canopy Programme. 4 pages


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