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First results forest inventory promising

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PARAMARIBO - The first results of the pilot project National Forest Inventory of the Forest Management and Inspection Foundation (SBB) seem promising. Starting in April of last year, 3D aerial photos were taken of the country’s forest. “The system meets our expectations,” says SBB general director Pearl Jules.

dWT photo/ Jason Leysner - SBB director Pearl Jules, RGB Minister Ginmardo Kromosoeto and legislator Oesman Wangsabesari at the presentation of the first 3D pictures of the National Forest Inventory.-.

The information obtained through the inventory can help with the drafting of a strategic sustainable plan for the forestry sector and will lay the basis for monitoring and reporting to international organizations the country has signed treaties with. Minister Ginmardo Kromosoeto of Zonal Planing, Land and Forest Management (RGB) sees other uses for the aerial photos besides providing information about forests.

Zonal planning

Photos were made of Paramaribo and the coastal areas too at his request. "The system being used for the inventory can also be used as an instrument for national zonal planning." The 3D photos provide reliable up-to-date information.

The governments of Suriname and Austria signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2012 to cooperate in several climate-related projects, including the forest inventory. The SBB carries out the inventory with the assistance of Anrica, an Austrian bureau for natural resource management. The pilot project uses 3D remote sensing equipment on board of planes that fly over the country in a grid pattern, with a field team comparing the 3D pictures with the actual situation on the ground.


The costs for the pilot project amount to 400,000 Euros, and will be paid by both governments. "This inventory is a preparation for the big inventory we are planning," Jules says. Such a 'big' inventory would cost 8 million Euros, and these funds are still being sought.-.


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