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Forestry sector pushes plan, not ban

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08 February 2011
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The forestry sector said the government should implement plans on the classification of the country’s forests and on the adoption of watershed and ecosystem as well as conduct multi-sectoral community approaches to promote holistic and sustainable forestry activities.

"Sustainable logging in forest production areas and the ban on logging in protected areas will definitely enhance the role of forests to our economic development", said former Environment Secretary Ricardo M. Umali.

The former president of the Society of Filipino Foresters Inc. (SFFI) said implementation of good forestry plans will meet timber and other forest product requirements, address the marginalization and livelihood of forest dependent communities and conserve the biodiversity of the country’s forest ecosystems.

He said the Philippines needs 2.5 million cubic meters of wood to supply its wood-based industry that caters to the local and international markets.

About 1.2 million cubic meters comes from local sources while the rest is supplied by wood imports.

"Tighter supply can lead to more illegal logging if a log ban will be imposed," he said.

"A logging ban will become a self-inflicted wound on the country’s economy as reserves are utilized for the unavoidable importation of wood for general construction," he added.

Note from the editor: as it is our say - planning is crucial to SFM...


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