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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management does a REDD project

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he Malaysian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) with co-funding from The United Nations Development Programme, launched a project this month to develop sustainable mechanisms to finance REDD+ in Malaysia. The goal of the project is to facilitate private and public sector capital towards financing climate mitigation activities that will lead to the long term enhancement and expansion of country’s natural forests. To implement the project, the UNDP and the Malaysian government have engaged Frankfurt School of Finance and Management’s International Advisory Services (IAS) in partnership with Forest Carbon (forest-carbon.co.id), a Southeast Asian-based environmental consulting firm.

The project consortium will work with government ministries, private sector industries, and state governments on documenting current conservation and green economy financing activities taking place domestically and internationally and develop strategies that are appropriate for the Malaysian context. The project, which supports the overall Malaysian national climate change strategy, will be implemented over eleven months with the goal of creating a proposed sustainable financing mechanism for REDD+ implementation that will be endorsed by the already established National Committee on REDD+.

Scott Stanley, Managing Director at Forest Carbon, sees the project as signaling a new trend in REDD+ financing and support within the region. “The project seeks to assess the feasibility of an array of financial mechanisms ranging from tax incentives for companies to payments for environmental services that look beyond traditional bi-lateral assistance which currently represents the largest source of REDD+ funding.”

About Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon (forest-carbon.co.id) is a Southeast Asian based environmental consulting and technology company that has extensive experience in ecosystem mapping, remote sensing, and satellite imagery analysis. Forest Carbon also works with companies within the natural resource management sector to implement efficient operating systems that utilize spatial mapping and GIS services.

About Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Frankfurt School (frankfurt-school.de) is a leading private business school based in Germany with more than 50 years of experience in providing professional, academic, and executive education to managers and executives as well as financial institutions. Since 1992 Frankfurt School has designed and implemented more than 300 consulting and training projects world-wide through its International Advisory Services, part of which is the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance.


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