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The International Forestry Fund presents to the China Investment Corporation

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5th March 2013
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A delegation representing the International Forestry Fund visited China in September (2010) to meet with provincial governors and their senior forestry officials. In Beijing the delegation visited the State Forestry department and learnt about the past challenges and current opportunities that exist in China's thriving forestry sector. Of special interest were the provinces of Hainan and Anhui and an extremely warm welcome was given to our visiting delegation which included Mr Bertie Ahern, Chairman of the International Forestry Fund along with fellow directors Mr. Trevor McHugh, Mr. Paul Brosnan and Mr. Ottmar Ruoff.

The International Forestry Fund delegation was given the opportunity to meet with Mr. Gao Xiqing, President and Chief Investment Officer of the China Investment Corporation together with Mr. Wang Shuilin, MD, Head of Public Relations and International Cooperation. Pictured below following the presentation are, from left to right: Trevor McHugh, Paul Brosnan, Bertie Ahern, Gao Xiqing (President & CIO, China Investment Corporation), Kamil Stender (CEO, Helvetia Wealth A.G.), Ottmar Ruoff.

Mr Bertie Ahern, Chairman of the International Forestry Fund, noted that the meeting was a unique opportunity for the International Forestry Fund to present its credentials to one of the world's most prestigious organisations. "The entire team are honoured to have met with Mr. Xiqing and Mr. Shuilin and we are delighted that diversified forestry as an asset class is viewed as such a priority investment asset class in China. The International Forestry Fund provides an opportunity for investment, not just in the fundamental forestry asset, but through the internal diversification that is so intrinsic to our Fund, i.e. jurisdictional, species and, ultimately, end market diversification."

Mr Trevor McHugh, Director of the International Forestry Fund and managing director of I.F.S. Asset Managers Limited, noted that he looks forward to engaging further with the CIC over the coming months. "This was a wonderful opportunity for the International Forestry Fund to engage with an organisation as respected as the China Investment Corporation", stated Mr McHugh. "We are delighted to have had the chance to meet with such senior members of the CIC and are honoured by their interest in the diversification opportunities that the International Forestry Fund can provide."

Mr McHugh continued, "We are equally grateful for the time given to us by many of the provincial governments and their forestry departments and we look forward to engaging with these groups more in the future.".


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