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Kenya’s REDD+ Readiness

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September 3, 2010
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Climate Focus
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Climate Focus is helping Kenya become one of the first developing nations in Africa to receive REDD+ financing to conserve and restore its forests.

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa hit hardest by deforestation. Agriculture and public or private development projects have taken a heavy toll; only 3% of the nation remains under forest cover, much of it threatened by illegal logging, grazing and firewood collection.

Since December 2009, Climate Focus joined with the Kenyan government to prepare its application for the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility funding. Through implementation of its approved Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP), Kenya hopes to conserve its remaining forests and contribute to the country's Vision 2030 plan to expand forest cover to at least 10%. Implementation of REDD+ (the reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, enhancement of forest carbon stocks, conservation, and sustainable forest management) gives Kenya the opportunity to restore its forests, ease rural proverty and and enhance ecosystem services such as water and biodiversity.

Climate Focus worked closely with the Kenyan Forest Service and National REDD+ Steering Committee to articulate the countries’ readiness plan. The proposal was developed through a comprehensive review of domestic and international laws and policy alongside stakeholders from Kenyan civil society, the private sector, locan communities and indigenous peoples and public sector actors. It identified drivers of deforestation and degradation, options for REDD+ activities, as well as legal, financial and management arrangements for REDD+ implementation in line with Kenya’s Climate Change Strategy and other domestic laws and priorities.

The final REDD+ proposal submitted to the FCPF is available at the FCPF REDD+ website and on the Kenya Forest Service site. You can find more information about Climate Focus’s work on our website under related services (Capacity Building and Training) and focus areas (Least Developed Countries and REDD+).


You can find more information about Climate Focus’s work on our website under related services (Capacity Building) and focus areas (Least Developed Countries and REDD+).


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