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Kyrgyzstan: Capacity Building for National Forest and Tree Resource Assessment and Monitoring

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December 2010
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The forestry sector of Kyrgyzstan is confronted with several problems. Due to the lack of timber imports, overgrazing and population growth, the Kyrgyz forests are under pressure. The economic situation in the Kyrgyz forestry is unsatisfactory, especially the lack of financial resources and of engagement of the private sector. These problems are the driving force leading to a loss of precious forests, unique genetic resources and a dramatic worsening of environmental hazards such as mud flows, erosion and flooding.


The overall objective of the project [TCP/KYR/3102 (D), 2007-2009] is to contribute to: i) the national efforts for the conservation and promotion of sustainable use of the forest and tree resources that enable to fulfil their environmental, social and economic functions; and ii) translating international processes and principles into innovative national level policies and programmes and into field level practices in participatory planning and implementation. This will contribute to sustainable management of natural forests, planted forests, woodlands and agroforestry in a landscape approach for sustainable livelihoods.


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