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Master of Sustainable Forest Management

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November 2011
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The Master of Sustainable Forest Management program provides students with a Bachelor’s degree in ecology, physical geography, environmental sciences, forestry or allied disciplines, opportunities for advanced scholarship and professional growth in natural resource management principles and practice. It prepares students for careers as forestry professionals in North America and overseas, and sets the stage for life-long learning. The program is designed to satisfy the academic standards for accreditation administered by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) and to enable graduates to meet the core academic requirements for certification of the member agencies of the Canadian Federation of Professional Foresters Associations (CFPFA).

The combination of prior education and experience, along with the program of study (30 credits), will allow each student to meet the demonstrable competencies of the seven academic standards approved by the CFPFA. These seven standards also form the basis for accreditation by Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board (CFAB) for professional forestry degree programs in Canada.

The seven standards are:

  1. Tree and stand dynamics
  2. Forest to landscape: structure, function and dynamics
  3. Forest management
  4. Economics and administration of forestry
  5. Leadership skills: communication and critical reasoning
  6. Information acquisition and analysis
  7. Professionalism and ethics.

Subject to final approval by UBC, we plan to start the first class in August 2012.


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