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The following methodologies have been submitted to the VCS methodology approval process. The methodologies are posted on the VCS website for a 30-day public comment period, from 13 December 2011 through 12 January 2012.

  • Protocol for the Creation of Forest Carbon Offsets in British Columbia, Pacific Carbon Trust
  • Baseline and Monitoring Methodology for the Rewetting of Drained Peatlands used for Peat Extraction, Forestry or Agriculture, Silvestrum
  • Rewetting of Drained Tropical Peatlands in Southeast Asia, Winrock International and WWF-Germany

Comments on the methodologies are invited and may be submitted through the VCS website (see links above), or stakeholders may contact VCS at secretariat@v-c-s.org.

Please click here to view the methodologies and for further information and details on how to send in your comments.



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