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The innovation project of pine oil extraction in the Komi Republic will be brought to life by PechoraEnergoResurs which is located at Troitsko-Pechorsky district. This plan is acknowledged to be a high priority innovation project. Oil extraction from fir and pine needles will be executed during the second stage of the project though the first oil samples were obtained as far back as in December, 2009. At that time 3 kg of pine oil were produced from a ton of raw material.

The experts who tested the product in France gave the highest appreciation to trial pine needle essence. French experts have pointed out that they have not seen such a pure pine essence for the last 60 years. The famous company L'Oreal has interested in PechoraEnergoResurs products and the company is going to conclude an agreement for oil supply.

PechoraEnergoResurs have decided to develop the project even further. According to Andrei Yarmolik, Director General of PechoraEnergoResurs, the company previously planned to produce only oil but now it is also going to establish the facilities for further oil treatment in order to supply not a mere raw material but semi-finished products that are more valuable in the fragrance industry.

The research in this sphere was jointly conducted by the company and Biology Institute of Komi Republic (the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy and MSU Research Department.


Extpub | by Dr. Radut