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Quebec releases new 2012-2017 Forest Sector Transformation Strategy

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July 17th, 2012
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Forest Talk
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Quebec‘s new 2012-2017 Forest Sector Transformation Strategy was unveiled Monday by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF).

The Strategy aims to adapt and strengthen the province’s forest sector by diversification, innovation, and adaptation.  The Strategy recognizes that markets are changing at a rapid pace and Quebec’s forest industry is at a race against time to compete against competitors that adapt quickly to new realities.

Over the 2012-2017 timespan, the Government of Quebec has earmarked $268 million to implement the Strategy.

The full version of the 2012-2017 Strategy to transform the forest products industry in Quebec is available at the following address: www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca/fr/forets/strategie-2012-2017 (French only).

FPInnovations Reaction

“We welcome the fact that the Strategy is based on the scientific and technical advances that have been made over the last few years. It also proposes an approach that focuses on developing innovative wood-based products,” says Pierre Lapointe, President and Chief Executive Officer at FPInnovations.

Through its unique innovative management system and research and development in the field of wood products manufacturing, FPInnovations sees a number of very promising ways to create new products and increase the use of wood in residential and non-residential construction. After a series of outstanding successes, such as nanocrystalline cellulose, FPInnovations and its industry members are about to develop a range of physical and chemical wood components that will enable so-far unexplored uses.

The Québec government strategy is also aimed at revitalizing the hardwood-forest sector, through the deployment of a program aligned with FPInnovations’ Hardwood Research Initiative.

The MRNF has granted FPInnovations $5.5 million this year under its biorefinery and demonstration plant program. The money will be used to set up premanufacturing facilities, which will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of new biomaterials and renewable, ecological bioproducts made from forest fibre.

FPInnovations’ project is part of the measures announced by the Government of Québec to increase the competitiveness of Québec companies on traditional markets and gain a foothold in industries as diverse as transportation, aerospace, pharmaceutics, medical supplies, bioplastics and food packaging.

“Our industrial members are targeting high-value-added products that will give them an edge over the international competition,” says Pierre Lapointe. “The new strategy is a serious nudge in the right direction, as it spurs the competitiveness of the traditional forest industry and encourages swifter transformation of the sector through innovation. FPInnovations will continue to be closely involved in these developments, which is why we are in favour of the major technological challenges launched by the Québec government’s initiative.”


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