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The Green Party's proposal to better protect the Swedish forest

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June 9, 2012
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Timber Community
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The Swedish Green Party unveiled six proposals to better protect the Swedish forest. The Green Party is working for a modern forest management committed to taking advantage of the richness of Swedish forests today and manage wisely for the future. Such an approach is in line with both the individual forest owners' interests by strengthening regional development in which different values ​​of the forest is utilized.

The main proposal for a sustainable and future-oriented management of the Swedish forests are listed below:

  1. Less clear-cuts
  2. Save the key biotopes and identify the key habitats annd manage valueable forests
  3. Add forestry under the Environmental Code and allow the Board of Forestry estimated the Environmental Protection Agency in order to strengthen environmental considerations in forestry.
  4. Make it possible for environmental groups to appeal against logging under the forestry act
  5. Penalties and sanctions for those who break the rules when harvesting
  6. Consultation requirements with local residents about logging plans


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