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Green Province Of Jiangsu Forestry Forestry Province Transfiguration

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August 12th, 2010
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Forestry Bureau of Jiangsu Province has learned from the early 2003 provincial government proposed the building of “green Jiangsu” development strategy has been the rapid development of forestry industry in Jiangsu Province.
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Recently, this reporter learned from the Forestry Bureau of Jiangsu Province, the provincial party committee provincial government building in early 2003, “A Green” development strategy has been the rapid development of forestry industry in Jiangsu Province. Province’s forestry industry’s annual output of 27.2 billion yuan from 2002 up to 2009’s 113.6 billion yuan, an increase of 4 times more than 7 years, the order of precedence in the country increased from 9 to 4 to account for 0.7% woodland to create accounts for 7% of the forestry production value.
According to statistics, Jiangsu province poplar forest area of 1390 mu, 140 mu of forest seedling cultivation area, emerged in Rugao, Wujin, Pukou, Shuyang, such as nursery stock Jiangdu large counties (cities, districts). Poplar Industry rise driven mainly by the use of resources poplar plywood, furniture and other wood processing development, the province’s largest high-quality plywood Pizhou 8 million cubic meters annually, exports 4,500,000 cubic meters, the production of furniture 1.5 million. Wildlife industry to continue in the nation, the deer, snakes, birds and other animals, and yew, orchid and other plant domestication and breeding, development and utilization of industrial activity, yew ecological technology Longliqi and a number of key enterprises of the leading domestic counterparts. Forests, wetlands and other eco-tourism in the ascendant, only four countries last year on the new Wetland Park, a National Forest Park, three provincial-level forest park.
Jiangsu Province, mainly due to the development of forestry industry in the following three measures: First, planning guide. The province has prepared and implemented the “Poplar industry development plan”, “Jiangsu Province seeding industry plan,” “Bamboo Industry Development Planning of Jiangsu Province”, “Forest Park, Jiangsu Province, the construction and development planning”, cities, counties light of local conditions, development of forestry industry has developed special features for planning, organizing industrial projects; Second, technological innovation, the province developed a multi-layer plywood, wood composite board, high-grade plywood, container flooring, high-end furniture and more than 40 kinds of wood processing products, Pizhou City and Nanjing Forestry University, Beijing Institute of microcirculation over 20 scientific research institutes and universities to establish a solid relationship; Third, policy support, to support and foster-scale enterprises and provincial cities, counties positive adjustment forest cutting and management policies, standards reduce the silviculture fund levy, currently charged at the standard price for the timber and forest products sales of 2% -3%, far less than the national standard of 12%.


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