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Hubei Haman to Build the Country’s First Modern Forestry Sen

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July 24th, 2010
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Central China’s largest sheet processing bases the “Hubei Modern Forestry Science and Technology Industrial Park of Forest Industry of Haman,” was formally established. This is the first modern forestry, forestry technology industry park, Hubei Province Forestry Bureau to actively promote the development of modern forestry industry, and create forestry development, technological innovation platform for yet another strategic move.

Zhang Changer Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, vice governor Zhao Bin, sent a congratulatory message and the message, respectively. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen Baihuai, the provincial Forestry Bureau, District Clerk YUAN Shan Haitao seek to Haman, Mayor Tan Haihua awarding. State Forestry Science and Technology Secretary, Dian Wei sheng, director of Sun Jian Xing Guanban, Xianning City Party Secretary Huang Chu ping, Mayor Ren crane common witness this exciting moment.

Wang Haitao, Hubei Province Forestry Bureau, delivered a warm speech. He said the province has entered a new forestry development period, to promote the forestry restructuring and improve the overall efficiency of forestry and increase their income and improve the ecological environment and accelerate the industrialization and modernization process of forestry, it is necessary to strengthen the building of industrial parks. Haman Forest Industry Science and Technology Industrial Park is the first pilot province of a modern forestry science and technology industrial park, which marks the forestry industry in our province has entered a new phase of development, it is our province to implement the Central Forestry Work Conference, an important measure.

Haitao said, Hubei Forestry Bureau will actively promote the development of modern forestry industry, the use of forestry science and technology industrial park a vehicle in this industry to address the industry, small scale enterprises scattered layout, the overall low efficiency, the development of a serious shortage of land and environmental protection, the obvious contradiction, etc. problem; increase the matchmaking, the formation of industrial clusters to promote the forestry industry to focus contiguous development to realize the “eco industrial, industrial ecology,” build an ecological construction and industrial development of scientific interaction pattern.

The Industrial Park is located in Haman (Phoenix) Economic Development Zone, the planning and construction area of 10 square kilometers, an area of 3 square kilometers the first phase of construction, to be located plate manufacturing area, processing area, the product display area of marketing, product development testing area, supporting residential area and logistics center of six major functional areas such as. Plans to build giant Henningsen 3 years working as an industry leader of “one plus 30″ forestry industry cluster, the introduction of 20 floors deep processing enterprises and 10 supporting enterprises to create annual output value of 5.0 billion, profits and taxes 500 million to accommodate the workforce 6000 human scale.

Awarding ceremony, Bayer Wood Wuhan, Wuhan Gardens Home Wood, Changsha Luoniaote decorative materials and so on six companies and Haman District signed an investment agreement for admission, the investment reached 500 million yuan.

Haman area known as “Osmanthus township” and “bamboo township” and laudatory, the whole forest coverage rate up to 53%, timber accounted for more than 85% of forest area. Forestry enterprises in the region with 18, giant Henningsen workers, Orson wood flooring, large processing and packaging enterprises gathered Bao Tuan development, initially formed the tolerie mainly forestry industry enterprise group. Region’s annual output of 160,000 cubic meters man made fiber panels, floor 8 million cubic meters, Bamboo Plywood over 1000 cubic meters to achieve annual output value of 600 million yuan, is the central processing of the largest producer of plate.


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