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Sweden: Strike at six Swedish mills

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April 16 2010
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April 16 2010 Swedish Paper Workers Union’s notice of total stoppage of work at six Swedish pulp and paper mills was carried out early Friday morning.

Approximately 3,000 paper workers at six pulp and paper mills in Sweden are striking, and the production at the six mills has come to a complete standstill.

The mills affected by the strike are Södra Cell Värö, Billerud Skärblacka, Stora Enso Skoghall, Korsnäs Gävle, Iggesund, and SCA Munksund.

The total costs for the strike will be high – figures between 50 and 100 million Kronor per day have been mentioned.

"It is extremely unfortunate that the Paper Workers Union decided to close down Skärblacka mill, which is very important for Billerud and for our customers,” said Billerud's CEO, Per Lindberg. “This action will be detrimental for our key customers as well as for employment opportunities at the mill.”

The Paper Workers Union, Pappers, has given notice of strike at six more mills, if no collective agreement can be reached between Pappers and Skogsindustrierna, Swedish Forest Industries Federation, the employers’ organization. The mills noticed are Smurfit-Kappa Kraftliner Piteå, SCA Obbola, Korsnäs Frövi, Stora Enso Fors, Billerud Gruvön, and Södra Cell Mönsterås. This notice of strike will come into force on April 26.

Pappers has also given notice of strike at Waggeryd Cell pulp mill, as the mill has – according to Pappers – broken the overtime ban, which was implemented by Pappers on April 12.


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