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New approaches to sustainable forest management: a study of service innovation in conserving forestry resources

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Issue date: 
October 25th, 2011
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Verma Rajeev
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Sustainability has been a primary concern for the forestry professionals. This paper is concerned with the continuing evolution of approaches to monitor sustainable forest management. It summarises the existing knowledge base and primary techniques and strategies for achieving socially and environmentally acceptable SFM in various forest formations.  Service innovation is one means for the improved monitoring of SFM through the introduction of scientifically based criteria and indicators. This set has been developed on the basis of Dry Forest Asia Initiative. In addition, their implementation has played a key role in interactions with local beneficiaries. Yet, research on the link between service innovation and natural resource management is scant. The paper identifies innovation orientation, external partner collaboration, and information capability as operant resources along with the operand resources captured under the 8 criteria and their respective field level indicators. These antecedents are analyzed to know impact of overall service innovation on social economic development of the area.

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