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The total revenues from timber exported from Siberia in 2010 amounted to more than USD 2.3 bln

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11 February 2011
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The total revenues from timber and timber products exported from the Siberian Federal District in 2010 amounted to USD 2 bln and 342.5 mln (7,6% of total number of products exported from the region) and these figures exceed by 5% those of 2009. Round wood timber amounted to 34,6% of total price of exported timber products and the products of wood processing numbered to 65,4%.

The number of round wood timber was 8 mln 827.7 thousand cubic metres and equaled to USD 810,8 mln (the amount decreased by 7,6% and the revenues by 6,6%), products of wood processing  were exported at the number of 5.5 mln t and equaled to USD 1 bln 531.6 mln (the amount increased by 11,5% and the revenues by 12,4%).

The timber and timber products were exported to 62 countries. 86% of revenues were ensured by non-CIS states (such as China, Japan, Egypt, Germany, Syria and Afghanistan), and 14% by the CIS countries (mainly Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kazakstan and Azerbaidjan). The revenues from timber and timber products exported to the non-CIS states increased by 7.1 % compared to  2009 while the same index for CIS countries decreased by 6,2% and equaled to USD 2 bln 14.8 mln and USD 327.7 mln respectively.

Almost all timber and timber products were exported from Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Chita Regions as well as from Republic of Buryatia, Altai Territory. According to the customs survey the total amount of revenues increased in all regions, except of Chita Region and Altai Territory as compared to 2009.


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