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11 rainforest countries pledge sustainable forest management

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Eleven tropical rainforest countries Tuesday agreed to commit on sustainable forest management at a ministerial meeting held in Indonesia's Bali province, Xinhua reported.

The tropical rainforests are home to diverse biological species and storehouses of genetic resources. They also serve as sources of livelihood and a repository of cultural heritage, the group, also known as F-11, said in a joint press statement.

Looking forward to 2010, the ministers emphasised that the forthcoming global climate talks must include the issue of forest as an integral component.

Indonesian Foreign Minster Marty Natalegawa told reporters that the meeting was very useful and productive as it gave opportunity for member countries to share their experience on forestry issues.

'We have discussed various topics related to forestry matters, including biodiversity, climate change and sustainable forest management,' said Marty.

Papua New Guinea Forestry Minister Belden Namah said all ministers in the meeting supported initiatives of forest management practices.

'We support initiatives taken by the F-11 in the area of sustainable forest management,' said Namah.

The forum also agreed admission of Guatemala, Suriname and Guyana to the association.

The F-11 consists of Indonesia, Brazil, Gabon, Costa Rica, Congo, Cameroon, Colombia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo.


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