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Duly to yearly climate change negotiations on technical level in Bonn, Germany some stakeholders have published their view on the state of negotiations. Below you will find some interesting excerpt of documentes published so far:


1. There is good paper from Carbon TradeWatch describing the key players in REDD+ negotiations.

This paper is for all those people who just want to jumped into this topic and need to get some basic background info. The paper is written by REDD+ opponents.





2. The second paper is from IUCN (The international Union for conservation of nature) and is focuses on poverty reduction.

IUCN sees REDD+ as a tool for forest conservation, just like many other environmental based NGO's. You may consider to read our blog entry about conservation and REDD: redd-conservation-not-deal-all...





3. The last paper finally sumarized some country positions in respect to financing of REDD+. The paper is from TWN-Side (Third World Network).






You will find some more general info on the BONN RESULTS here...


BONN 2011: REDD+ status and results achieved so far


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