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Boost for one million trees project

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Issue date: 
September 17, 2010
Publisher Name: 
Fiji Times
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THE Department of Forestry has received planting equipment from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN, to support the Fiji One Million Trees Initiative.

The initiative has so far resulted in the planting of 278,000 trees with the support of communities nationwide. It has also generated much interest from local and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including IUCN.

"We are truly grateful to IUCN for their contribution towards this initiative" said Department of Forestry principal officer Pita Rokobiau.

"We are indeed in need of extra tools to assist us with our nationwide campaign and this contribution will surely boost our efforts."

IUCN supports Fiji's efforts to improve environmental conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Regional co-ordinator Bernard O'Callaghan said: "We are glad to see that the Government is taking a lead role in the country as well as in the region in implementing an initiative such as this ù to support local people, sustain our livelihoods and make a contribution to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions."

IUCN helps the world find pragmatic solutions to pressing environment and development challenges by supporting scientific research, managing field projects all over the world and bringing governments, NGOs, the UN, international conventions and companies together to develop policy, laws and best practice.

It has more than 1000 government and NGO member organisations, about 11,000 volunteer scientists and experts in 160 countries.


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