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Fiji works on Sustainable Forest Management

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Issue date: 
08 February 2011
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Fiji Government
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With financial and technical support from our regional and international development partners, Fiji has continued to further the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management.

In 2007, the Government passed a new forest policy that has sustainable forest management as its foundation.

In 2008, Fiji started the process of revising our forest laws to implement the new direction under the new forest policy.

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Mr Samuela Lagataki said currently, the review of our forest law is in its final stages.

The Fiji national forest program was launched in 2009 together with the Fijian vernacular version of the Fiji forest policy in collaboration with a local NGO.

“A massive awareness campaign is underway aimed at building capacity for landowners to ensure long-term sustainability of the natural forests,” he said.

The revised Fiji Forest Harvesting Code of Practice 2010, and the Fiji REDD+ policy was also passed by the Fijian Government in 2010 opening up more activities under REDD+ from other NGOs and International organisations in 2011.

He added that all these had been made possible through the generous support from the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the German International Cooperation, and collaboration from our local NGOs.

“As for the International Year of Forests, Fiji has again continued with another set of 1 million trees to be planted in 2011 as a part of the activities planned for the International Year of Forests with increased local funding.”


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