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Consolidation going on among the Nordic newspaper companies

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February 5, 2011
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Will there be a new joint-venture?
Norske Skog's CEO wants the Nordic newspaper industry consolidates itself according to bussiness paper DI. Norske Skog's CEO Sven Ombudstvedt is a leading player and comments to the paper: "We want to play as a professional player in the restructuring of the industry thatwe believe will come. Since we have the greatest exposure to the newsprint andmagazine paper, this is important for us, "says Sven Ombudstvedt.

There have been rumors of a joint newspaper company  since last September. At that time it was the Nordic companies Holmen (Swedish), Stora Enso (Finnish / Swedish)and Norske Skog (Norwegian) and at that time the trading of the shares was stoped briefly at the stock exchanges.

Ombudstvedt did not comment which companies are involved this time but that Norske skog are active in the processesMany industry analysts believe that a business structure will eventually become a reality. Morgan Stanley wrote in a recent analysis that the possibility of refinancing has increased since
credit insurance of Norske Skog's corporate bonds has fallenBut it is likely that the business is carried out after the Norske Skog received their loans (4 billion Norweigian crowns).


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