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Finding a path to REDD investment

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Issue date: 
5 July 2011
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Environmental Finance
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How can finance be mobilised to protect the world’s rainforests, in a climate of extreme policy uncertainty? Environmental Finance and Irbaris convened a panel of experts to try to find out. Mark Nicholls reports

There is a pressing and growing need to protect the world’s rainforests and that, of course, will take financing. Mechanisms must be put in place to provide an economic incentive to keep forests standing – and, in the context of pressure on government budgets around the world, the private sector will be expected to deliver much of the money.

Roundtable attendees


  • Phil Cottle, managing director at specialist insurance provider ForestRe
  • David Hampton, managing partner at business strategy consultancy Irbaris
  • Marisa Meizlish, director of research at asset manager New Forests
  • Simon Petley, director of advisory firm EnviroMarket
  • Georg Schattney, managing director at investor and offset provider Forest Carbon Group
  • Neil Scotland, forests and land use adviser, the Department for International Development
  • Geoff Sinclair, head of carbon sales and trading at Standard Bank
  • Michael Woods, principal advisor at Irbaris

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