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Finnish company Pöyry strengthens its presence in the Brazilian forest production chain

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December 13, 2010
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Timber Community
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Pöyry, the Finnish-based multinational which occupies a prominent position in developing worldswide projects in the pulp and paper sector, agreed to buy 60% of Silviconsult, the second largest Brazilian company in the forest industry. The transaction, whose value is not disclosed, will result in the creation of Silviconsult Pöyry Engineering and reinforces the presence of Finnish consulting in the Brazilian forest sector reports  Brazilian online magazine Valoronline

"Worldwide, Pöyry is very strong in the forest sector and they now have a strong name locally in Brazil," explained the President of Pöyry Technology, Marcelo Cordaro to Valoronline. Over the past four years, sales of Silviconsult grew at rates between 20% and 30% and the sale is epected to total 4.5 million Real in 2010.

During 2011, they prediction of the company is to expand to 5.5 million Real. This year alone, 55 projects executed assessment of forest assets, equivalent to about 850 000 hectares, and made an inventory of 2.5 million hectares since 2007. Last year the 2 companies developed a series of joint projects in order to confirm the viability of the business. The final contract was signed in November.

After the operation,  the portfolio of Silviconsult will incorporate 33 experts in the field, nearly doubling the number of employees. "With the combination, we will have a stronger channel with customers from Europe and the United States who are looking at forest investments in Brazil," says Mendes. 

Silviconsult provides solutions for forest-based companies to face major current challenges: fiercer global competiveness, energy restriction, climate change and social-environmental demands. The company is also responsible for producing Radar Silviconsult newsletter, a monthly publication that provides economic data on the forestry market in Brazil.

We are interested in other acquisitions," said the Pöyry executive to Valoronline. In Asia, the executive of Pöyry explained, the company already provides services to the area of energy, but going beyond engineering."We're still in the initial phase of analysis, but there are opportunities in areas such as steel and energy."


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