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Over the past two years, the voluntary carbon market space has grown and changed rapidly. Independent assessment of carbon projects is now a must for any project developer or retailer of carbon offsets. An array of third-party audit standards has emerged to support the validation of projects and the verification of their emissions reductions for the creation of carbon credits.

Carbon Positive's Forest Carbon Resource Centre contains our reviews of all the leading third-party verification standards applicable to the forestry and land use sector, access to their rules and documentation, as well as the best work from other organisations to analyse and compare these standards. There are also tools to help project developers assess the feasibility and eligibility of their projects:

Overview: Forest carbon standards in the voluntary market

Forest carbon market > Project standards

Forest carbon market > Market reports

Forest carbon market > Tools

The forest carbon market is a growing area of activity in the fight against climate change and efforts to reduce atmospheric carbon. Over the past two decades, environmental markets have been slowly evolving based around actions to remove carbon from the air for sequestration in trees, or prevent the immense amounts of carbon already stored in forests being released.

The main forestry activities that lend themselves to carbon are:

  • avoided deforestation, or ‘REDD
  • afforestation & reforestation
  • improved forest management
  • agro-forestry

This section is Carbon Positive’s resource centre for forest carbon project developers and other market participants, containing:


:                       Latest forest carbon and sustainability news

Project standards

:   Reviews and documentation of the leading standards

Market research

:     Other organisations’ reports on the forest carbon market


:                        Business tools and guides for project developers

Market reports

:        Voluntary carbon market reports and prices


:                     Forestry, carbon and related conferences, workshops etc.


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