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Forests need help

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Issue date: 
August 23, 2012
Publisher Name: 
The Province
Vicky Husband
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The unanimous decision of the special committee on timber sup-ply to support an increase of logging in "marginally economic forests" and in old-growth reserves previously ruled off limits to logging is outrageous.

If acted upon, the committee's recommendations will worsen the current ecological crisis, perpetuate an unsustainable rate of logging and increase milling capacity when there are simply too many mills and not enough wood.

Worse, the committee's disregard for public and professional opinion on timber supply and its willingness to disregard important facets of hard-fought over, consensual land-use plans threatens to jeopardize B.C.'s standing in international markets. The government would be wise to take a pass on such dangerous recommendations.

Vicky Husband, Victoria


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