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Ilim Group is awarded Proof of Leadership in Forest Management Certification

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Feb 1, 2012
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Following the results of 2011, Ilim Group was acknowledged as the leader of forest management certification. The respective Proof of Leadership was awarded to Ilim Group by the Russian Branch of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Therefore Ilim Group has proved once again its leadership in forest management certification in Russia. As a reminder, all forest areas leased by Ilim Group, which is over 5.16 million hectares, have been certified by FSC. The Company’s share accounts for 18.4% of all certified forests in Russia.

A FSC Forest Management Certificate guarantees that only economically sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible forest management methods were used during logging operations, all requirements for reforestation were observed, and the rights of local community and indigenous peoples were fully respected.


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