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The PPP’s unsubstantiated attacks on Guyanese citizens at home and abroad brings discredit to our nation

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Issue date: 
January 20, 2010
Publisher Name: 
Alliance for Change
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Climate change has no borders. The PPP’s unsubstantiated attack on Guyanese citizens who are playing their part to address this issue at home and abroad brings discredit to our nation

The PPP/C administration is being inept and opportunistic in its attack on Ms Janette Bulkan, an internationally respected expert on forestry issues. The regime seems not to understand the difference between politics and diplomacy. The AFC wishes to remind the governing PPP that the role of a political Party-in-Power is to represent fair-mindedly and democratically all of Guyana’s citizens, those in and out of Guyana, PPP and non-PPP supporters.

The revelation, first in the Guyana Times edition of 16 January 2010 (a newspaper owned by a friend of President Jagdeo) and then in the Kaieteur News edition of 17 January 2010, that Minister Robert Persaud had written to the World Bank on 26 November 2009, requesting that the Bank remove Dr Janette Bulkan from the Technical Advisory Panel  (TAP) for Suriname’s REDD Readiness Preparation Plan (R-PP, for reductions in emissions of forest-based carbon from deforestation and forest degradation) is not befitting of the conduct of a party in power. In fact the clandestine deed, complete with its unsubstantiated allegations and defamatory attribution of unpatriotic conduct, exposes the bankrupt quality of governance in Guyana, marked by character assassination and personal vendettas rather than nation building through the observance of published laws, policies and regulations.

Public intellectuals like Janette Bulkan perform a national service: in the absence of a multi-stakeholder forum or a functioning chamber for policy debate in the National Assembly, their letters to the free Press educate and thereby strengthen our fragile institutions. Any government should encourage its citizens – in and out of Guyana – to serve as watchdogs so as to strengthen the body politic.

We are all aware that forest policy and the management of tropical forests are integral to finding global consensus when addressing Climate Change issues. If what has been reported is accurate then this storm in a tea cup has nothing to do with Ms. Bulkan’s competencies, but all to do with supporting the efforts of a sister CARICOM state to make their contributions to fashion and influence the global agenda to slow global warming and climate change.

The world is conscious that forests especially tropical rain forests play a vital role in sequestering carbon, one of the gases produced by human activity, where higher concentrations in the atmosphere help contribute to global warming.

Just as President Jagdeo continues to travel the world seeking support for his Low Carbon Development Strategy for Guyana, he needs to support the efforts of Suriname, a neighbouring country, by promoting the building of alliances and partnerships to address Climate Change. Not his government’s cheap shots to discredit and destroy the reputation of a Guyanese expert, who is internationally recognized and respected.

This regime has failed to comprehend a basic understanding of Climate Change in its attempt to discredit Ms. Bulkan and sully her reputation, and that is that- Climate Change Has No Borders!

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Extpub | by Dr. Radut