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Realising Rights, Protecting Forests: An Alternative Vision for Reducing Deforestation

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June 4, 2010
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Rainforest Foundation UK
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The Accra Caucus on Forests and Climate Change is a network of southern and northern NGOs representing around 100 civil society and Indigenous Peoples' organizations from 38 countries, formed at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Accra, Ghana in 2008. The Caucus works to place the rights of indigenous and forest communities at the centre of negotiations on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), and to ensure that efforts to reduce deforestation promote good governance and are not a substitute for emission reductions in industrialised countries.

In this report the Caucus proposes an alternative vision for achieving the objective of reducing deforestation, arguing for policies and actions that would tackle the drivers of deforestation, rather than focusing exclusively on carbon. Drawing on case studies from organisations with experience of working with forest communities, the report highlights problems linked to the implementation of REDD and suggests ways in which policies to reduce deforestation can actually work on the ground. Through case studies from selected countries the report highlights three critical components: full and effective participation (Indonesia, Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo); secured and equitable land rights (Brazil, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea) and community-based forest management (Tanzania, Nepal).


  • Countries: Brazil, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia,
    Ecuador, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Organization:The Accra Caucus
  • Author: The Accra Caucus
  • Year of publication: 2010
  • Type: Book (<30 pages) (21p.)
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Trainers/Teachers/Facilitators
  • Reading level estimate: Scientific/technical reading level
  • Price: Unknown

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