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Russian sawmill to increase Pellets production

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Start-up of pellet production at Sawmill 25 (Arkhangelsk region) has become the final stage of the sawmill’s modernization programme aimed at the whole technological process upgrading that has been realized since 2004. The plant on pellet production was constructed in spring 2008, which allowed providing the fully closed production cycle, including utilization of all the wastes.

Designing, completing units of plant and delivery were performed by AS Hekotek (Estonia). The production process is performed with 2 Andritz Sprout presses – capacity making up 3.5 ton/h and 2 drum driers (Hekotek) installed for sawdust drying. Currently pellet plant capacity reaches 50 000 ton annually with products being exported to Belgium. 

The 3rd pellet press (Adritz Sprout) and belt drying (Hekotek) installed, production output is expected to increase as much as 1/3. New type of drier chosen will allow not only improving the quality of finished products, but reasonably and economically sound using excessive heat energy produced by the sawmill’s boiler. The machinery is to be launched November 2009. 

It is worth mentioning that it is the first time Hekotek has produced such type of drying kiln, which undoubtedly proves serious trust existing between client and machinery supplier. The base for such trust was made due to long term and successful cooperation between the Estonian and Russian companies – with the first deliveries performed by Hekotek at Sawmill 25 in 2003. Total deliveries amounted to some 14 mln EUR and  included log sorting line, feeding system, wet sorting line, conveyors wastes, etc.

“What is the most important for our company is that our machinery satisfies the needs of our clients, - says Heiki Einpaul, general manager of AS Hekotek. – We are growing and developing together with our clients and together we find best solutions!”


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Issue date: August 17, 2009

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