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Sappi Strives to Take the Guilt Out of Paper

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April 11, 2012
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Sustainable Planet
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Sappi Fine Paper North America has released eQ Journal 004, an in-depth look at sustainable forestry. Grounded in facts and science, the edition presents how sustainable forestry protects air and water quality, supports biodiversity of plants and wildlife, and results in healthier forests.

The edition also challenges the assumption that the best thing for a forest is to leave it in its natural state. It illustrates how sustainable forest management creates biodiversity in age classes, which helps support a wide variety of bird and animal species as well as the long-term vitality of the forest.

To examine the benefits of a well-managed forest, eQ Journal 004 draws on thought-provoking expertise from Sappi foresters, an academician, a conservationist and a third-generation logger. The edition also shares insights from Hans Wegner, chief sustainability officer of National Geographic Society, regarding how his organization is supporting sustainable forestry.  
“As a global leader in the forest products industry, we want consumers to understand the environmental, social and economic benefits of working forests,” said Laura Thompson, Ph.D., director of technical marketing and sustainable development, Sappi Fine Paper North America. “Sustainable forest management practices are utilized to help deliver on society’s demands for wood products while preserving forest health and biodiversity.”

Interesting both for its information and as an example of sustainability reporting, eQ Journal 004 also reveals details about Sappi’s best practices at its mills in Cloquet, Minnesota and Skowhegan, Maine, including routine visits to harvest sites to ensure plans comply with Best Management Practices: criteria essential to securing chain-of-custody certification for the company’s products.
The current and past editions of eQ Journal are available online through Sappi’s eQ microsite.

To see more about sustainable forestry initiatives at Sappi’s Cloquet Mill, watch “Taking the Guilt out of Paper.

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